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2009-05-27 11:09 pm
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Dear Dawn Ostroff,

Fix your stupid, untalented, promotional department. I quit writing my dear john letters but once you go photoshopping my boys I ended the silence. Quit the over-photoshopping bullshit and moving heads around. Fly someone to texas, take a picture of Jensen and Jared and then call it good. You don't even need to do makeup or hire a lighting guy. Just make them laugh, which will probably be very easy. She shrank Jared's body but kept his head the same size and his neck now looks huge. They also reused the same image WE HAVE ALL SEEN BEFORE. Frankly I wonder why they still have jobs- The CW has some great television shows but all they do is pander money and fill up gaps. I think CBS and Warner Bros just want something on the air to avoid more competition and it's pathetic. They have so much potential and the network is obviously run by morons. Photoshopping is used to enhance photos, not visciously misrepresent the human form.


Do a better effin' job, ASSHAT.

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2009-05-23 01:43 am

2009 Fall Pilots....

Damn. Not one of them has me hooked.
Well except for GLEE, but I doubt that counts. Because i've already experienced it's awesomeness.


da da da da da dada da )




Glad Castle got renewed, Eastiwck could be good.


Heroes! THE OFFICE. Not surprised...Michelle Trachtenberg's show got picked up for mid-season. I hope this means more georgina on gossip girl...


Dollhouse and Bones are all I need, but GLEE ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF!!!! Fringe is okay too.

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2008-01-16 02:05 am


*Photo shoots of the cast are a great way to do this!
*Post foilers to re-invoke interest
*Make a push for the web- an interactive website? interviews to bloggers?
*Send your starlets out to talk shows!
*Make a spiffy TV ad to promote the show. remember: sex sells
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2007-05-21 01:32 am

I am burying Veronica Mars.

Well, this show was awesome. And we all know it was, and for whatever reason the show started to go down, we can all be assured that Season One and Two kicked ass, even though they had SEASON LONG MYSTERY ARCS and VERONICA AND LOGAN. maybe it was the network switch or DAWN OSTROFF but, I digress. A special part of my fangirl heart will always belong to Logan Echolls and his snarkiness.

I am officially retiring all of my Veronica Mars Icons from my LJ. The Jason Dohring ones will probably resurface, but right now I am going to be all Supernatural all the Time. If anyone has any Supernatch Icon Rec's, please comment.
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2007-01-20 01:43 am

Pussycat Dolls are killing my fandom.

Here is a mildly short blog about why Veronica Mars is going to get cancelled.

(AND SERIOUSLY! PUSSYCAT DOLLS AND GILMORE GIRLS? WTF?) What crack-whore thought that one up? also, YAY everwood fans. I seriously hope they can post a ferris wheel at the CW headquarters. Maybe they can throw 'You were supposed to Save VM, you liar' rocks at Dawn's office from the top of the wheel.