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Damn. Not one of them has me hooked.
Well except for GLEE, but I doubt that counts. Because i've already experienced it's awesomeness.


da da da da da dada da )




Glad Castle got renewed, Eastiwck could be good.


Heroes! THE OFFICE. Not surprised...Michelle Trachtenberg's show got picked up for mid-season. I hope this means more georgina on gossip girl...


Dollhouse and Bones are all I need, but GLEE ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF!!!! Fringe is okay too.

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So a long long time ago, i sent away for Jensen Ackles' autograph. I got a pre-print on good paper and was mildly satisfied. With this good experience behind me, then I sent away for Jason Dohring's autograph. And was shocked/amazed/overall excited to receive a nice, signed autograph and a personal letter. I was almost tearing because this letter.autograph is so nice.

I love Jason even more now. I love celebrities who take an effort to please their fans.
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1) All of the cast members have belly buttons.
2) Jake McDorman=Jason Dohring's Twin, so his character Evan=Logan. Which=Win. There are too many similarities between these guys. But enough differences to make it work. I totally love Evan, but then I don't necessarily side with him. Love to hate kind of thing.
3) As a college student who doesn't rush a sorority, I find this show to be a appealing. I can identify with the main character and understand where he's coming from.
4) It's a comedy that is funny. this DOES NOT DEPICT REAL LIFE! The guys name is CAPPIE!
5) The Baptist Roommate is too funny for words. Making a Christian radio dedication for his sinning roommate is probably the highlight of my week.
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The show keeps getting better and better (sounding)
After a little googling, I have discovered that:

(from ANGEL) controls the show now, which has led to firing the main cast used in the Pilot, and re-casting with BETTER, MORE INTERESTING CAST MEMBERS, such as JASON DOHRING, SOPHIA MYLES AND SHANNYN SOSSAMON. Who needs 'new' actors when you can have LOGAN ECHOLLS, CREEPY-VAMPIRE CHICK AND LADY JOCELYN.

1) No offense to Shannon Lucio, but she looks like she's 18. Her replacement Sophia Myles, is older looking, and I think gives the character a different vibe that would work better on CBS. Buffy/Angel can only work once. And hey, props to anyone who was in Underworld.

2) Jason Dohring>Everyone. Words cannot express how much I love Jason. I am so glad that his career is doing well after VM. Jason is going to be a mentor- which I find hilarious, but in a good way. Hopefully he'll be tortured and we'll get more emo sleeves.

3) If you told me that Shannyn Sossamon was a vampire, I would believe you.

4) Watch this show, please f-list.
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DAY7 PM 8 PM9 PM/Other
SUNDAY Brothers and Sisters
MONDAYHow I Met Your Mother
TUESDAYNew Amsterdam?Gossip Girl (House?)
THURSDAY SupernaturalBig Shots MV
FRIDAY Moonlighting JD
(Las Vegas?)

I guess Homework will be done on Saturdays or before 7 or After 9.
I may re-considering SMALLVILLE...only if JUSTIN HARTLEY is back.
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So I totally got this from [profile] elektra_1000cia. Her icons rock hardcore. So here is the CELEBRITY CRUSH MEME!

1 - List your top 10 celebrity crushes.
2 - Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them.(10 to 1, 1 being your number one fixation)
3 - Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
4 - Supply photos for said people
5 - Tag five people.

umm tag 5 people? okay..... um no.

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Here is a mildly short blog about why Veronica Mars is going to get cancelled.

(AND SERIOUSLY! PUSSYCAT DOLLS AND GILMORE GIRLS? WTF?) What crack-whore thought that one up? also, YAY everwood fans. I seriously hope they can post a ferris wheel at the CW headquarters. Maybe they can throw 'You were supposed to Save VM, you liar' rocks at Dawn's office from the top of the wheel.
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Okay so here's a little peek into the life of me:

One of my very good RL friends went to San Diego for the holidays. I got her into Veronica Mars and we watch it together and all that nice stuff. SO, naturally, I threatened to kill her if she saw Jason Dohring and didn't take a picture or have him call me (because he does cool stuff like that) SO! I was doing some wishful thinking, and hoping that her relatives and Jason are best buddies/neighbors. Sadly, they are not.

BUT! Her aunt works at a college and HAS MET THE CAST OF VERONICA MARS and may or may not have Jason's phone number/contact information. As I am writing this, I realize how stalkerish this is, but dammnit, SO FRAKKIN AWESOME. This is a new level of stalking, I know. I am jealous of someone’s aunt. Over the cast of a TV show that might get canceled. I am the epitome of sad. But oh so happy. :D

I think if I actually talked to Jason I would die. I think it's because he's not a huge celebrity, and he's huge to US. You know? I mean it's one thing if you have millions of fans, but it's almost more personal/better because we like him when he’s “small”. The Original Fans, you know? If he gets more famous, that'd be great. But we were here first. He has a following of fans that go to soccer games and go to stores to see him. He autographs people’s cars ‘Sexterra’. Hehe. And he can recognize a few of us by name. How cool is that? He just seems like a really cool celebrity, and damn, that boy can act. It’s SO easy to adore him. Gah. GAH GAH.

ANYWAY! If  I talked to Jason I would die. I would talk too fast and stutter and just die. Because he’s a huge deal to me. And hopefully most of my flist. :D I may be transferring my love for Logan to Jason. Which isn't exactly fair, but I am a firm believer that Jason's the true owner of the hand motions. But still. I also wrote him my first fanletter. Maybe I'll get a response! :wishes:

(BTW, Spring 2008 we’re roadtripping to Canada to see Jensen Ackles)

 I need a life. But even the thought of actually talking to Jason excites me. It would be the best Christmas present ever. Evar. Okay, maybe second to David Boreanaz.

 Oh, Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Holidays! My christmas is pretty blah. I worked today. I worked Yesterday. We have no tree. But we have gifts. I think that I am pretty atheist on the whole God-front, but gift-giving and goodwilledness are two values I think the world needs.






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so yes.
spoiler! SPOILERS. omg i am a spoiler whore.


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